Lib Dems go from 30% in 2010 across Wiltshire to 4th behind Labour and an Independent. Very good result for Labour, coming second across Wiltshire for the first time in my recollection. This is a very promising result for Labour in the 2014 Euro elections, where Labour currently have no MEPs for the South West Euro-constituency.

The police commissioner result is interesting, because Wiltshire is typical of those parts of the West Country where Labour has never historically managed to displace the Liberals to become the second party. This carried with it the mixed blessing that Chippenham will almost certainly swing from the Liberals to Tory at the next election.

Angus MacPherson Tory 35,319 including 6,761 second preferences from bottom four candidates – 62.5%

Clare Moody 21,157 including 4.959 second preferences – 37.5%

Rejected second preferences 5,308 mainly due to no 2nd preference shown for 2 remaining candidates.

Swindon turnout 14.68%
Wiltshire turnout 16.35%

Overall turnout 15.83%

First preferences across whole county

MacPherson Tory 28,558

Moody 16,198

Skelton Ind. 11,446

Batchelor Lib Dem 10,130

Short UKIP 7,250

Silcock Ind, 5,212

Spoilt 2,683


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