Swindon Town have confirmed that everybody’s favourite footballing fascist, Paolo Di Canio, is all but set to take over as the club’s new manager – with an official announcement scheduled for later today after the club get round to dotting the T’s and crossing the I’s on the Italian’s contract.

The Swindon job represents Di Canio’s first coaching role since he retired from the game in 2008. Town themselves have been without a full-time manager since Paul Hart departed in April after the club were relegated from League One.

from who ate all the pies



  1. been on national radio today (5 live) to air the view of dissaproval from those with compassion. been getting hammered all day by those who believe football and money-making supercedes human deceny and the plain just ignorant. lifelong swindon supporter. andy, see you at the game occasionally too. who’s up for some sort of protest?

    • Why don’t you all protest outside the county ground hotel on the first home game next season? I’m sure there are lots of “real” Swindon fans who would love to have a “discussion” with you.

  2. andyinswindon

    let’s see what happens. I prefer to hope that Do canio is well behaved at this stage, and only protest if he steps put of line.

    oxon red.

    The hard core of the Town End faithful are one type of STFC supporter, but the club cannot survive on the basis of their support alone.

  3. The forum is a brehitgr place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

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