We had a very good turnout today for the first ever commemoration of Workers Memorial Day in Swindon; with 32 people gathering to lay a wreath at the Mesothelioma memorial garden in Queens Park.

It was good to see not only trade unionists from UNISON, UNITE and GMB, but also Derique Montaut, leader of the Labour Group on Swindon Borough Council; and some relatives of former railworkers who had died from asbesos inhalation at the old Swindon rail works. The relatives laid flowers alongside the wreath which was donated by the GMB.

I said a few words on behalf of Swindon trade unions, and then Ted Poole laid the wreath. Ted has been a stalwart of the movement in Swindon for decades, and is still an active retired member of UNITE, and mainstay of the local Communist Party.



  1. I hate my life but at least this makes it beaerbla.

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