Members of the GMB trade union in Swindon yesterday commemorated the brave air crew who served in the Battle of Britain with special T-shirts. GMB branch secretary, Andy Newman, explains:

“We have produced two different T-shirts, to remember British and Polish pilots. In 1940 our country stood in danger of being overrun by Nazi invaders, who would have murdered hundreds of thousands of people, like they did in Continental Europe. It was the RAF who saved Britain from Hitler. Many people don’t realise that alongside the British RAF pilots, hundreds of Polish pilots volunteered to defend the skies over Britain against these Nazi invaders, and many Poles were killed in the Battle of Britain”

Mr Newman adds “Swindon has had a sizeable Polish population ever since the war, and several newcomers who have arrived since Poland joined the EU; so we thought it would be good to remind people of the long links of friendship between Britain and Poland.”

Wiltshire and Swindon W15 branch of the GMB has a large number of Polish members, which inspired the cooperation with Philosophy Football to produce these T-shirts.

You can buy a similar T-shirt from here, but sadly without the GMB log


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