Jeremy Grimaldi’s great article in Saturday’s Adver about surveillance cameras at the GWH drew attention to two important issues.

Surely it cannot be sensible for the NHS to spend £30000 to prevent individuals who want to smoke from smoking, outside and away from any non smokers who might object. It is not as if being prevented from having a cigarette during the brief time they are on the GWH site is going to be sufficient stimulus to persuade anyone to quit smoking. The NHS is correct to draw attention to the dangers of smoking, and provide help to those who want to stop, but adults should be allowed to make their own mind up whether they want to take that advice.

Even more bizarre is the idea that the hospital should use surveillance cameras! Why should people engaged in completely lawful activities be filmed? Our society is on a dangerous path towards assuming that any social non-conformity or different lifestyle choices, need to be monitored, filmed and eradicated.


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