Much as I respect Roger Ogle – he is wrong on this issue.

A directly elected mayor leads to a “winner takes it all” situation, that reduces local accountability and further degrades the role of elected ward councillors.

What we need is a cross party campaign to stop this proposal in its tracks. I will write about this in more detail tomorrow



  1. Matthew James

    I think it’s the current party political system that has lead to this question coming up.

    This proposal won’t automatically bring about a change, it will just give the people the chance to have their say….that can’t be wrong!

    I think this is a good idea.

  2. andyinswindon


    I am not against them trying to get the signatures to mount a referendum, but in case they succeed in triggering a referrendum the NO campaigjn needs to start straight awy, otherwise the YES campaign would have a head start.

  3. The Local Government Act 2007 and 2007 allows for the electorate to call a referendum, I’m not sure the Act has an ‘anti-referendum’ clause.

    Surely the truly democratic thing to do would be to encourage the debate, then if a referendum is held you simply vote no.

    Actively campaigning to prevent the people of Swindon having a vote on this again (Swindon was already denied once such opportunity in 2001), will hopefully encourage more people to consider all the options available to them, and not just the one option that you think they should be allowed Andy

    I’m glad you’re excited about this though, the more people that are involved in the debate the wider and better it will be. Keep it up.

  4. andyinswindon

    You miss the point Geoff.

    I am not proposing a campaign against a referrendum, I am proposing a campaign against an elected mayor.

    In the very process of campagning for a referendum you are already aking the YES case for a mayor. So those opposed to an elected mayor need to start early as well, in case you get enough signatures t trigger a contest.

  5. mark anthony france

    I am not so sure that a directly elected major would be such a bad thing….. although of course in every single town where they have been elected they have been an unmitigated disaster… with the exception of Red Ken in London which is/was exceptional in anycase… The prospect that Swindon could have its very own Boris Johnson is very scary….. nevertheless and notwithstanding is it not ‘beyond the pale’ [no insult to the irish intented] that our own Andy Newman could become the Directly Elected Major of Swindon. Standing like a collosus over the strategic M4 corridor?

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